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About us

Dr Baddula Sirisha Yadav, she has done her MD in Homeopathy. She was very much moved by observing several people with severe financial crises who was unable to cure there health problems. After she achieved her MD with great efforts though she have capability of establishing her own hospital and getting huge incomes, she thought that’s not her way of treating people and she has strongly decided to dedicate her entire knowledge and experience in helping to treat the needy people and made it as strong determination which showed her kindness and great personality even in this present corrupted world.
As per her determination she have gained lots of peoples blessings as she is treating thousands of needy people at free of cost in Kachiguda division right from her residence almost since last 15years which shows her willingness to do some kind of service to the people across the city.
Regarding her family, her husband Sri Baddula Om Prakash Yadav has done his PHD and struggled a lot and fought for Telangana right from the day one Telangana party has been inaugurated and worked efficiently as party worker and dedicated his full time and participated in several rallies and processions.
What all the problems people have, he stood by them and looks after their needs in Kachiguda division and fulfilled people needs with utmost helping nature and the people in that area says he treats them as their family members and never took back step in fulfilling their needs.
During this Corona Pandemic both Dr Baddula Sirisha Yadav along with her husband Sri Baddula Om Prakash Yadav have stood by the public and without any fear or hesitation they have done lots of service to the Kachiguda division people by distributing several food, water packets to almost not less than 5000 needy members. It’s a very known thing to all the public in the division that they helped a lot financially and also took care of the public needs.
Dr Baddula Sirisha Yadav’s Father in law Sri Baddula Babu Rao was also a well known personality as he does various trust activities and does several service programs while he worked as president for Akhila Bharatha Yadava Sangham. He never bothers about the caste and creed he always be the very first person to help the needy people and stood by them in all times







Kachiguda TRS party office
Beside DMart center
OPP Kumar theatre
HYD 500027

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Contact Number: +91 78938 79543

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